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Columbian Rust Mushroom


Columbian Rust Mushroom Specification

Columbian rust mushrooms (psilocybe cubensis Colombian) are triply as volcano hell. After half an hour, the walls have started to bend. You’re watching them dancing about you, a bright red heat behind them that you can’t understand. You go up, and touch, along with your hand begins to glow deep crimson.

Columbian Rust Mushroom Appearance

Colombia Cap: 20-50 mm, Caramel brownish when the mushroom matures, Stem: 40 -100 mm, moderate to large in size, bruises green-blue when touched Spores: Clay brownish to red-brown, 11.5–17 x 8–11 ?m, subellipsoid, basidia 4-spored Substrate: PF Tek and BRF, Rye grain, Straw and Dung Trivia: The Colombian Red Spore is a mutated P. cubensis breed with brownish-red spores rather than the typical dark purplish-black spore color. Particular spore color The exceptional spore color and potent effects of the psilocybe cubensis Colombian Rust stand out from the world of mushrooms. The slightly longer grow time to get a proportionally more heavy encounter is good value for money. Large caramel-colored caps have a decent amount of psilocybin that will bring joy to the most seasoned aficionado.

Mexican mushrooms


Mexican Mushrooms

Mexican mushrooms are highly famous and have been consumed by many people worldwide for a cure for all diseases. Mexican mushrooms contain alkaloids that enhance and purify the blood, and it’s understood that Mexican mushrooms function as blood purifiers. Still, one hypothesis is that the mushroom compounds may act as antioxidants to protect the cells from harm and may play a part in the regulation of blood pressure. The impacts of the Mexican Shrimp are closely related to the alkaloids.


There’s been some evidence to suggest that the ingestion of this Mexican mushroom can help treat some kinds of cancer. It’s been speculated that the compounds in the mushroom may attack cancer cells without damaging healthy cells. Though this use has had some remarkable results, it’s also been connected to several side effects like respiratory difficulties, vision issues, allergic reactions, constipation, and liver damage. We can conclude from all of the information available. This kind of mushroom helps various medicinal and psychological health functions. Still, we will need to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of Mexican gardening use before deciding whether to partake in it. Many people live in a world in which medication usage has been highly regarded, and several ancient cultures use medication like this one. Though this kind of mushroom might appear benign to eat, there’s always the danger of particular complications that could arise from its ingestion. Also, we should bear in mind that Mexican mushrooms contain capsaicin, which has turned out to be adequate pain relief for many men and women. It’s our decision whether or not to indulge in actions that might have negative or positive consequences on people in future generations.